woman in essential oilYou’ve heard people telling stories about how essential oils changed my life and perhaps you want to know how a certain kind of oil can help you. Essential oils can do wonders for you. Different fragrances offer various benefits. For instance, lavender is a great tonic for anxiety issues. It helps you relax and sleep better. Lavender can also help ease depression. If you’re mentally stressed due to an exam, you can inhale some lavender to relax.

Lilac oil has an invigorating floral scent that helps calm the mind and ease anxiety. Apple cinnamon is a popular fragrance known for its spicy yet sugary scent. The smell of apples can help ease migraine headaches. Cinnamon can also help improve brain power when used as a scent. Sandalwood oil has a soft, woody fragrance. Sandalwood is used in perfumes, aftershave and cosmetics and as incense. Its unique fragrance helps clear the mind. Sandalwood oil can help improve your mental focus while helping you stay calm.

Vanilla oil is among the most popular scents. It’s sweet, warm scent is comforting and relaxing. Vanilla is obtained from vanilla beans or can be made artificially and used to flavor foods or impart an aromatic scent to cosmetic products. The calming effects of vanilla oil can also help you sleep better.

Egyptian musk oil is another popular scent. It has a sharp, woody and earthy aroma.  The oil was originally obtained from the musk pods of the Musk dear. Today, the oil is obtained from plant based sources or synthetic musk. Some of the most common plant based sources include the Musk Flower, Ambrette Seed or Musk Mullow, Garden Angelica and Muskwood. Egyptian musk oil is used for calming and balancing emotions, which helps relieve stress and anxiety. You can check out some supplies at OilingPoint.com.

Essential oils have changed the lives of many people. Share your story!